maanantai 18. lokakuuta 2010


Mukava päivä pikkusiskon kanssa. Ja huomenna taas uudestaan!

A nice day with my little sister. And tomorrow again!

7 kommenttia :

  1. Ah, miten hurmaavat sävyt, kaunis oranssi. Kiitos, virkisti iltaa.

  2. good to hear this !
    have a great time together
    i received the toast home 2 weeks ago too. love it.
    and btw i'll be in your country before the end of the year :)

  3. Valerie: Oh,you mean a Toast store will be in Finlad ? Oh wow! That's great,although I can't afford those lovely things and clothes..:)

  4. no ! unfortunately (for you but not for me) I said "I" (= me !) we've just booked to Finland for a short break, and believe me I'm very very happy about that ! (too bad for Toast !LOL)