maanantai 3. joulukuuta 2012

Talvi / Winter

Aamulla mittarissa - 19 °C. Hyrrrrr. Tuntuu kyllä hurjan kylmältä,sisälläkin. Pari päivää onkin ollut pelkkää teetä ja villasukkia ja suklaata ja villatakkeja ja keksejä ja vielä lisää teetä. Vaan pitkästä aikaa on ollut myös valoa,ihanaa valoa. On aivan erilaista herätä ja kuvata ja ihan vain olla. Ja olen taas yhä varmempi siitä,että minun kuuluisi asua jossain etelämmässä. Pimeä pohjola ei sovi minulle.  

- 19 °C in the morning. Brrrr. Feels really cold,inside the house too. It's been just tea and woolly socks and chocolate and cardigans and cookies and even more tea in these two days. But there has been also light,lovely light. It's so different to wake up and take pictures and just be. And I'm again more and more certain that I should live somewhere souther. This dark North isn't just my thing.

12 kommenttia :

  1. Would you believe me if I told you that Finland, and Lapland, are my dreamlands, since I was a little girl? I understand what you say about light, though. Ilove light so much, but not that kind of light we have here in the South of France in Summer.I much more appreciate the kind of light we have on the Atlantic Ocean coast, or in the Loire River area
    Well, Mediterranean lanscape is beautiful, but in my opinion, under winter light, as it is just right now

  2. I agree with chanwallerand, Finland is my dreamland, but anyway must be very hard live in low light especially if I grew up in the Mediterranean, but here the sun burns, burn it all, the skin, the pictures you take..
    "the grass is always greener in the other side" ;)

  3. Well, your photo's look lovely and cosy and warm! Except for those outdoor ofcourse. But they are beautiful too!
    Here it is not as cold as in Finland, but it is grey and rainy and misty and therefor also dark. I am hoping for some snow!
    Giving you a warm hug - Anja

  4. -19 sounds cold, it is 6°C here and I feel I cannot take any more cold. A trip to the tropics for a month would be perfect don't you think? I really like your green wallpaper wall/ maria x

  5. How about the Cayman Islands?? Maybe they could use a baker at one of their many hotels? They have 7 year work permits available... just an idea...

  6. I must say that the second photo could be also taken here in the Czech republic. It is lovely. We have snow again since weekend and I am happy because it's almost the first snow... you are not happy after 4 months of snow and snow all the time.
    I also like the wallpaper. And I see you are hanging on the calendar!! Yeah, yeah, Christmas is coming, such a good idea to have Xmas in winter, otherwise winter would be much hated by people I think.

  7. Täälläkin villasukat ja teekupit kovassa kulutuksessa, kylmä on. Onneksi on melkein joka huoneessa uuni, jota voi lämmittää ja on kyllä lämmitettykin. Kyllä se tästä.
    Katselin juuri madventuresia, kun ne siellä köllötteli riippukeinuissa valkoisen hiekkarannan reunalla, vähän kävi kyllä kateeksi :)

  8. Love your pictures documenting ypur life - they´re beautiful.

  9. It's a big pleasure coming on your blog and looking at your wonderful photos.
    Your blog makes me peaceful!! ^^
    A faithfull french reader :)

  10. Heippa Niina, tulin seurailemaan ihanaa blogiasi. Instagramia olen seuraillutkin jo tovin ;) Kuvasi lämmittävät!

    Terkuin sammaltamatonalla

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