sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2011

Toivoin,että tänään paistaisi aurinko,että pääsisin kävelylle,että näkisin edes yhden oravan ja että leipoisin vihdoin syksyn ensimmäisen omenapiirakan. Kaikki toiveet toteutuivat ja se oli kivaa. Ja omenapiirakasta tuli aivan liian hyvää..mmm. 
Leppoisaa iltaa kaikille ja hyvää uutta viikkoa!

I wished that it would be a sunny day today,that I could go for a walk,that I could see at least a one squirrel and that I could finally bake the first apple-pie of this autumn. All my wishes came true and it was nice. And that apple-pie is way too good..yumm. 
I wish you have a cosy evening and a good new week! 

6 kommenttia :

  1. i love this, so cosy ! the view by this window (yours ?) is just fabulous & the apple pie looks delicious (P; looks like she's enjoying hers !!)
    andd yay for wishes coming true !

    there are about some similar scenes in our corner of the world -- excepted we wore flip-flops and tank-tops this weekend :)

  2. Valerie: Oh,thank you so much! And yes,that's from our living room,the least-messiest corner in here:)
    That pie is really good and I don't know how can I keep my hands off from it..and oh,you should've seen how focused P. was while eating her piece..:)
    Flip-flops and tank-tops are so far away in here and I feel sad because of it,but luckily it's not yet winter and I can hope for sunny autumn days:) Enjoy your sun and warmth!

  3. Hello-I have been reading your blog for awhile and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy all the cosiness you reveal in your life. I am a book and tea lover too!
    Thank you for inviting us in!

  4. Kuvasi puista on upea! Itse en ole kunnolliselle syyskävelylle vielä "kerennyt", taitaa tulla jo vähän kiirus:)

  5. Kmd3725: Hi! Nice to hear from you:) And thank you so much!

    Maiju: Kiitos! Toivottavasti ehdit!

    Anna: Mmmm,it was really yummy:)